Digital Flow


Intraoral Scan


As for the tools used in the digital flow, we also offer another service. Thanks to our application we make available the digital pre-visualization of the specific case that is being treated.
In a few minutes the patient will be able to view the new dental shapes and the new shade of color that will surely help him in choosing the prosthetic treatment.


We provide dental practices our experience and our technologies in the field of digital flow in Falciano.
The intra-oral scan service (we can receive files from every opened intraoral scanner via our Carestream scanner) is an important added value for our customers. We offer the possibility of using our scanning service in their practices, which allows us to meet the needs of every patient, even those who have difficult withstanding the traditional precision fingerprints bypassing this problem. Moreover, this device is an excellent marketing tool because the patient understand that the practice invests in the latest generation technologies and is constantly updated on the news of the sector.