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"My daily goal is to create perfect reconstructions from a functional and aesthetic point of view. We create a unique object that, in addition to blend itself in the mouth, has to perform a correct masticatory function. There is no tooth equal to another or no standard teeth or standard smiles in nature. We know this because we have always been inspired by nature by observing and copying this great master. As we have decided to take this path, we have also decided to differentiate ourselves, that is doing something different from others.

In this time, where everyone adapts himself following a stereotyped model, even in the field of aesthetic dentistry, the tendency is to achieve the same smile for everyone. But in nature it is not like that. Every smile has its own peculiarity, its character. Each of us is different for his similar, each of us is unique and different from the other. We do not want to make fake or standard smiles when we analyze the possible rehabilitations. We want to create something natural, aesthetic, beautiful and authentic. Every new job is unique for us and needs the maximum research of design, shape detail, personalization to get closer and closer to nature. We want to create, in the jargon, a perfect imperfection! "

Filippo Ban

Professionals of smile

A team of professionals is at your disposal to create products of highest quality, in short time. At the Smiling 10 dental laboratory in Falciano we have a long lasting experience. Come visit us in the Repubblica di San Marino in Falciano, Via dei Paceri 36.

Our laboratory has been working since 1992. In addition to the owner, Mr. Filippo Ban, our team consists of a secretary and permanent employees, all dental technicians: a CAD/CAM operator, two operators who deal with the management and processing of the zirconium and lithium disilicate, two employees working in the ceramization field. In addition to the permanent team, depending on the needs, we also take advantage of the collaboration of other workers integrated into our staff.

The laboratory is the beating heart of our business. In the CAD/CAM area we produce semi-finished products with CNC machines, while in the area reserved for the craft department we work to perfect the products from an aesthetic point of view.




Born in Forlì on 20/01/1971 he graduated from the IPSIA Professional Institute of Pesaro in 1989.In 1992 he opened his laboratory by working immediately with established and qualified professionals. His update was a priority already at the beginning of his career as he attended several refresher courses with internationally renowned speakers, such as G. Ubassy, E. Steger, P. Micieli. G. Barducci, Dr. Fradeani, M. Magne.

In 1999 he had the opportunity to assiduously frequent Michel Magne's Oral Design workshop in Montreaux for about 2 years, thus specializing in aesthetic prosthetics. In addition to this he dedicates himself to gnathology with passion, attending the workshop of Claudio Nannini, a disciple of Prof Slaviceck's school, in Modena. He deals with fixed prosthesis and ceramics.