Prosthetic Solutions

We find the most suitable solution for every need.

Furthermore, we offer the possibility to choose between 9 prosthetic solutions in Falciano. Our crowns are made of different materials and with different characteristics:
Crown in monolithic zircony.
This item is composed of a single material, that is zirconium which, in this case, is completely anatomical. It is painted and glazed and delivered to the practice. This process allows us to avoid any type of chipping and to contain the cost of processing considerably. It has limits from the aesthetic point of view.
Aurora multi zirconium based crown
It has the same features as the previous one but aesthetically it is very close to a layered ceramic. It has a more demanding processing and, therefore, a higher cost. It is indicated for people who suffer bruxism as it has no chipping problems. Its structure is composed of a base of a powder with a push up strength of 1250 megapascals up to gradually reach the 800-megapascal incisal, therefore with a much more important translucency.
This type of work always includes a zirconium component that also concern the anatomical occlusal part of the tooth, leaving much space for the ceramic customization in the vestibular area. All this allows to obtain an optimal result based on the right balance between quality and price without ever neglect aesthetics. It is particularly suitable for patients subjected to bruxism who, thanks to a precise and quality work, prevents the so-called chipping of ceramics.
This type of work involves a zirconium core with a total ceramization of the item to be rebuilt. It allows to have the maximum aesthetics and personalization of the work. It is, as they say, the top of the range.
It is the top of the range of this type of silica based material. This type of processing allows to have already a structure with an enamel effect, therefore it allows us not to stratify the element or the veneer with ceramic. It has an excellent balance between translucency and opacity and greatly reduces the low-value effect of this type of material.
With this type of technique we can change the shape and color of the tooth, then the patient's smile, without smoothing the tooth to 360 ° but only in the vestibular area of the latter. It allows us to achieve an high level of aesthetics, because the veneer is stratified from the inside and then extremely personalized with a very high translucent feldsphatic ceramic.
This type of technique also allows us to modify the shapes and color of the tooth, then the patient's smile, but using heat-pressed ceramic tablets. This type of material is much more strong than the feldsphatic ceramic even if the reconstruction is slightly more monochromatic
This type of material has been patented by the Amann company and allows to mill the cobalt chrome in a soft state and to have high precision and stability after sintering and a very clear oxidation, comparable to a noble metal. We have a working protocol that allows clinicians to reduce or even eliminate annoying occlusal adjustments.
  1. Intraoral scan service Carestream service
  2. Digital photography pre digital visualization of the prosthetic case (digital mock up)
  3. Prototype models service with 3D printer milled models service
  4. Dentalvox system for implant planning.